Darkfall Online

by on Feb.25, 2009, under Darkfall Griefed

With the scheduled release date of the fabled pvp game Darkfall Online just mere hours (we hope) away its time to get those griefing stories flowing. The first days of server upage are always rife with conflict and grief. wants to here from you.  We have a temporary email setup at

to recieve your Griefing pictures and stories for review to be posted on the site. We want to hear from you, go out and show those carebears what it means to be a griefer!

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What is Griefing to you?

by on Jan.23, 2009, under Misc Griefing

  • The use or abuse of a game mechanic that was not intended by the game’s developers.
  • The inability of the victim to exact some means of retribution beyond utilizing similar unintended game mechanics.
  • The intended purpose of an act of griefing must be to negatively impact the gameplay of another person.

This is how Wikipedia decides what a griefer is. I disagree. Now this definition does hit the baselines of what a griefer is. Sure I have used abusive game mechanics in a game before. In UO I’ve sailed around killing macro miners then plopping down one piece of ore. I then used telekinesis to drag the loot over and back into my boat. Even though I was using all in-game mechanics EA decided that I was abusing game mechanics and made it my first ban of many from their game.

Now that act followed all 3 of the listed definitions for griefing. The use of telekinesis was not being used as intended by the games developers. Because they were macroing they had no means of extracting retribution upon my cohorts and I. This act did negative impact their gameplay as I robbed them of their time and loot they were hoping to gain by macro mining.

I hit all 3 points of a griefer and yet, I don’t see that as griefing. To me, I was strictly out thinking both the miner, and the developers. I think a lot of people who think they are being griefed, are really just getting out played and that is what stings. That’s what makes people cry out GRIEF! IVE BEEN GRIEFED! Surely they CAN’T be better than me, they must be griefers.

So I’m sure your probably asking yourself, well if that’s not griefing, what is? Well I think the mental response is the key to griefing. You have to mentally dominate, humiliate and demoralize your opponent in order to be a true griefer.

Using the Quick Match option in Left 4 Dead to pop into a game just to console kill yourself and deny the survivors the much needed 4th player and then leave technically is griefing. You negatively impact the gameplay, it was not intended by the dev’s to be used that way and they have no recourse of retribution. But where is the mental domination, the complete and utter humiliation. After breaking into a house in uo, and killing the owner you trap his ghost in the house with blocks before the remove option was griefing. He had no recourse but to sit there and watch you strip him of his hard earned possessions. You then leave one chest behind as you leave, giving him that little glimmer of hope that you couldn’t take ALL of us possessions. He quickly runs back to his empty house with another character and runs in and opens the box. BOOM booby trapped tinker chest instantly kills him.

That little extra step is what griefing is all about. That added dash of humiliation and domination is what sets apart a true griefer from an annoying little kid. Console killing in Left 4 Dead compared to the above example is like comparing finger painting to Picasso. So remember, when your griefing, don’t stop with the paint, knick the ear and be an artist.

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Playstation Home Griefed

by on Jan.21, 2009, under YouTube Griefed

While browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a wonderful example of Griefing pre-pubescent boys on Playstation Home. Watch to the end, it only gets better as it goes.

If anybody else has any Griefing  pictures or videos that play on the gulibility of nerdy boys and their “other head” shoot me an email so we can post it.

P.S. If you use Playstation Home, shoot Metallica22, n8diggy and DimebagDon a message on Playstation home and let them know what chumps they are for us.

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